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Universal Short Over-tank Utility Platform
Universal Short Over-tank Utility Platform
Universal Short Over-tank Utility Platform
Item#: ups-3212-open
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Product Description
Customer install photos for the original "long-top" version here.

Pictures from the first prototype "long-top" install (over a Reese WDH) here

This one is for those of you that only need to store/carry a small generator (like the Honda EU2000i or the Yamaha EF2000iS) up front. If you are looking for the original "long-top" version go here.

NOTE: These are currently only available through Little House Customs. We hope to make them widely available again in early 2018. We have had trouble getting some small things done with repeatable quality. (small welds and grinding) Because we work closely with Larry it is easy for him to catch and reject the bad one in a batch. We don't want to risk sending these to customers accidentally. Because these issues are minor, we have high hopes to get this product back in the regular flow soon.

The Universal Short Over-tank Utility Platform gives owners the opportunity to maximize front end storage space. Use the built in holes on the top rail to tie down supplies, water cans, fuel cans, or generators. The platform top plate is made of diamond plate aluminum which helps to stop items from sliding around. The supporting frame under the top is pre-drilled for Honda EU2000i & Yamaha EF2000iS LowPro LockDown base plates.

The standard 20 pound propane tanks can be easily changed out through the open front. The valve can also be reached from the front.

The base unit comes with no back or front panels. An optional upgrade can be purchased to add a sliding front door and fixed back panel.This will be a simple bolt-on upgrade that can be ordered later if desired. Scroll down to add this option - or just the front door - or just the back panel.

The platform comes with 4 grade 8 bolts for attaching to the top web of your frame through 4 holes you will drill. Or for a small upgrade we can supply 4 long u-bolts to allow you to attach without drilling. See below to order. Holes in the platform base are pre-drilled for the expected mount points.

** Order any required upgrades (door/back/u-bolts) from the the bottom of long-top page here **

Except for the aluminum diamond plate top, and powder coated aluminum back panel, everything is White powder coated steel. All stainless-steel hardware is supplied. The platform comes as a flat-pack (to save you shipping) and assembly is required.

The top is approx 32 inches wide by 13 inches deep. It weighs about 40 pounds with the diamond plate top. Adding the aluminum door,steel door runners and aluminum back panel brings it to about 52 pounds.

IMPORTANT: Owners who already have a weight distribution hitch installed may have interference issues. If you have a weight distribution hitch installed, please contact us prior to purchasing the platform. Note however that we have installed one over a Reese WDH by spacing it off the frame with the 1.25" spacers. Sway bars that do not protrude above frame height are OK.

Some older Casita trailers have propane tank supports welded closer to the body. If your Casita is older than 2008, please check out our 'frequently asked questions' page which describes how you can measure to be sure before ordering. Or now you can just cut those unneeded supports off!

FedEx Ground Shipping (lower 48): $39.95

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Latest News 2/20/2019 - Due to limited supply, we are only able to process sales through a waiting list. Current times from wait list to shipment: Receiver hitch, shock kit, jack relocation plate, spare tire carrier—2 weeks. Low Pro Lockdown (Honda 2200, Honda 3000), hush kit—30 days. Over-the-propane-storage shelf, black water guard—90 days. If you would like to purchase one of our products as soon as it is available, please call us at (469) 312- 1222 or send us an email message at info@perfectcasita.com. We understand that this delay is frustrating and want to apologize. We are working hard to fix our inventory problems and improve our customer service—this new approach to ordering is our first step. Each of us at Orbital Machine Works appreciates the support we have received from the Casita community over the past decade. We ask for your understanding as we navigate the bumpy terrain that comes with being a small business. Sincerely, Dan, Claire, Jim

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