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Scamp Hitch Spacer Set
Scamp Hitch Spacer Set
Scamp Hitch Spacer Set
Item#: Scamp-Hitch-Spacer-Set
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Product Description
Custom steel spacers made to fit our Scamp Hitch Receiver.

Due to manufacturing variances, some Scamp trailers have wider frames. Although the hitch receiver comes with some spacers, if the inside frame rail width measures greater than 45.25 inches we recommend our customers purchase this spacer set.

Latest News 7-26-2017: Hitches are back in stock. Lowpros for everything except Yamaha 2000 are in stock, shocks are in stock. Over tank platforms are coming this week. LowPro for Yamaha 2000 are about 2 weeks away. NOTE: If you phone now you may be greeted by the wonderful Claire. She is very experienced in all things Casita as she has been a full timing traveler for 3+ years. She will take care of you.

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