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These are a few unsolicited testimonials from our customers...

I have a new Livin Lite Camplite 14DBS travel trailer which was ordered with the low-profile Coleman Mach 9.2 air conditioner. The noise created by the air conditioner was very obnoxious, not only to us but fellow campers. Several times we camped with a portable generator for electric power, and the combination of the generator noise and the air conditioner noise was really terrible, so much so that we were reluctant to even use our air conditioner.

I saw references to the PerfectCasita hush kit on a Camplite forum and ordered the kit. I must say it was one of the best packaged, orderly and comprehensive upgrade I've ever purchased. Every part was bagged in individual baggies and was very detailed, down to even providing zip ties.

I unfortunately messed up the installation by attaching the red wires to the wrong black wire. As noted in the instructions, you need to really find the black wire that goes into the body of the external fan and follow it backwards to a point where you will do the splicing. There is another black wire in the vicinity that can be mistaken for the correct black wire.

I had multiple email and phone conversations with Jim at PerfectCasita, who troubleshot the system with me, and even sent me a replacement controller at no charge. As it turns out, it was my error which I finally discovered through Jim's diligence.

The kit now works perfectly and the reduction in noise level is unbelievable. I highly recommend this kit and the good folks at PerfectCasita.

C. C -6/28/2016

Several months ago, we had LHC install shocks on our 2010 SD. After several trips, some on I-10 and other back roads in Louisiana I cannot say how much this installation has improved the way my Casita tows. These shocks were well worth the money.

J. W -6/11/2016

Done in 30 minutes, and wow!!! Exterior noise on low fan setting is pretty much gone, and on high is lower than other units in the campground. Great packaging, solid instructions, and no issues. Thanks.

B. O -4/29/2016

I just installed this kit and the difference in sound levels is amazing. Before the upgrade my external sound level with the Mach 8 running was 65db (both high and low cool settings). After the kit is installed the external sound level is 57db on high-cool, and 54db on low-cool (11db quieter!). I think I'm going to like this. Bring on the Texas heat!

M. P -4/7/2016

I installed the Mach 8 silencing kit this morning on my 2015 SD17. The packaging, instructions, and quality of the parts were first rate. The installation took me about an hour and was very straight forward. When I "fired up" the AC the difference was absolutely amazing, exceeding my every expectation! Thank you Jim for an exceptionally well researched and executed product. This is one of the best modifications we have installed to date on our "Rigel". I highly recommend this to anyone who has found themselves to be self-conscious about running their Mach 8 AC.

P. S -3/29/2016

I have now installed quite a few of your amazing products. But, as far as “bang for the buck”, the AC quieting kit is it! It took 25 minutes to install and now the AC is virtually silent from the outside. Neighbors will no longer give the “WTF LOOK” at the jet engine on top of the tiny camper. I ran it inside our shop and couldn’t believe it was running. Climbed back onto the roof of the camper to confirm it was indeed running. Before, if I ran it inside, the unit was deafening. Thanks again for your engineering and great quality products. With the shock kit, tank platform, poop pipe protector, rear hitch, and this AC kit….our little camper is in a class of its own.

M. R - 3/18/2016

I am officially a fan of Orbital Machine Works! I just installed the Mach 8 A/C Noise Reduction Kit. EASY install because the directions are so clear. The noise reduction that I experienced using a free decibel meter app on my phone was a reduction from around 70 to bouncing between 62-63. I am very pleased with the result. [Hear the difference on Bills video]

B. J -3/12/2016

OK got my Hush Kit from Orbital Machine installed this morning, Amazing results! I ordered the full kit since the fan blade I had was one that had a B in the part number which is said to crack.

No pictures and no movies as I concentrated on not falling off the trailer during install! Not really a problem but did not want to make it difficult.

Summary of install and results:

1. Took about two hours as I was being very deliberate and taking my time.
2. Decibels measured from about 15 feet using my iphone app, pre-hush kit install 67 db for both high and low noise with AC on.
3. After hush kit, 57 DB on high and 55 on low, again a phone app but all I had.
4. So basically a 10 DB reduction but this is a major reduction in noise.
5. I already had the 3 blade fan (versus six blade) and not sure how big a reduction of noise I would get, very surprised and pleased!

Bottom line, worth every penny due to peace of mind that I am not creating a lot of racket for tent campers.

M. T -3/9/2016

I Installed the hush kit on the MACH8 - all I can say is WOW!!!!!!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!! It took about an hour including reading the instructions, getting the ladder, cutting out the grill, being scared of heights, etc... and I am by no means an expert. My hat is off to Jim for this GREAT mod!!!! Well built and designed - it is a thing of beauty! Many thanks!!!! All I can say now is I have the BEST of both worlds - low profile a/c AND quiet! If anybody is wondering if it is worth it - as far as I am concerned it is a no brainer!

B. E -2/29/2016

Steve installed ours [Mach 8 hush kit] and what a DIFFERENCE! I thought it might get a bit quieter but it is definitely quieter! Thank you all so much!

L. M -2/26/2016

We just installed the Mach 8 hush kit! BIG DIFFERENCE, Thank you so much!!! We were thinking about buying a new air condition. THIS KIT SAVED US MONEY!

M. A -2/26/2016

I got one of this just the other day , after reading the instruction i took the ladder and 20 minutes later I cant believe how quiet it is. Incredible breakthrough ! Thank you so much Orbital Machine Works

D. A -2/14/2016

Well, my better half installed the hush kit from "Perfect Casita". He had me out this morning to show me how much quieter it was. Money well spent!

K.D. -2/12/2016

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with your Mach 8 “Quietening Kit” which I installed yesterday. You did a great job on the instruction packet and especially the accompanying photos which made the install go smoothly. Oh, and it worked as advertised!

B. G. -2/11/2016

Mach 8 "Hush Kit" installed. Man, it is quiet. Took about an hour. Easy install and great instructions from Orbital Machine Works.

D. B. -2/7/2016

I wanted to tell you that I have received your product [Yamaha 2400 LowPro LockDown] and it is some of the highest quality work I have seen. I work in the nuclear industry and I have seen quality and you have it. Thank You .

M. H. -9/24/2015

We're in the middle of our first post retirement trip and the first chance to form an opinion on the OMW shock absorbers. They are unbelievable. Other than trails in and out of campgrounds which is at a very slow speed most has been on highways. There has been several whoop-de-do's and uneven road joints in construction zones. When I saw such coming up I watched my trailer in the mirror and it was like it was glued to my butt. I believe the Casita handled such insurrections better than my TV. When hitting these bumps the trailer took them without any jarring and never did I see a secondary oscillation. I also noticed there was no rattling from the hitch at these times. I would consider the shocks a qualified success.

One qualification. Our trailer is loaded down for a month long trip and the tongue weight is not light by any means, which is going to help keep it glued to the road.

J. D. - 9/23/2015

As you know we've installed more than a few shock kits on trailers of all weights, ages, degrees of obesity and condition. While the verbal reviews from our friends and customers have been valuable, we've of course looked a little closer at the trailers themselves.

We've had the occasion to go over with a fine tooth comb several trailers that visit our shop three or four times a year. We're particularly interested in those with shocks installed early in the development and evolution stage. We've had them on our Casita for a bit over a year but maybe only 5000 miles. We have had an opportunity to inspect one particular trailer after 18,000 miles with shocks and the previous 80,000 plus without them. We take care of 100% of the maintenance on this trailer and the difference is clear. To plagiarize and modify a phrase used often by our friend Charlie, "you might not NEED shocks, but that doesn't mean you don't WANT them"

The shocks installed on our Casita (yep, we actually test the things we sell and install) are an early OMW prototype and as a point of reference, there is no way I'm taking them off!

Larry Gamble - Little House Customs 5/16/2015

It's been a year or so since I installed your 3" lift kit to my SD 17 and I thought I would give you some feedback after using it. The kit is great in design and quality and directions were easy to understand. I installed it by myself in two hours and it has worked out well for me with the extra clearance I was looking for. You're a class act company, thanks.

B. D. - 1/22/2015

Just received my LowPro LockDown, and got to say I am impressed with the product. Very well made, perfect fit, installation instructions excellent. Went exactly as planned and now my generator is much more secure than it was, and quieter without that chain I had used vibrating all the time! Fast shipping, too! Thanks for a great product.

R.J. - 7/24/2014

We just returned from a 1,100 mile round trip from Seal Beach, CA to Red Canyon Campground (just outside of Bryce Canyon). The shocks performed very well. We checked everything to make sure that nothing had jiggled loose and it held the way it was supposed to. The kit does make a big difference on towing. I always thought that the trailer towed very well but it tows even better now. It seems like it's more connected and rides more like my Tundra tow vehicle rather than a than a small trailer that bounced around a little due it being light weight.

Thank you Jim and Terry at Orbital for your superb customer service and discussions that lead to the additional fabrication required to fit the welded on version of the Casita!

C.B. - 6/2/2014

Just returned late last week from my first trip - just over 1000 miles total - with the Orbital Shock Absorber kit installed. In addition, I had installed Centramatic wheel balancers at the same time as I took off the wheels to do the shock kit installation. What a difference! I am used to seeing my Casita moving a bit in the rear view mirror…and also to finding cushions on the floor and so forth at every gas or rest stop. No more! The sight picture in the rear view mirror now is almost a fixed image of the front of my SD…it just feels more solid. Plus cushions are in place and other items that I used to find scattered a bit from vibration or bouncing are now still in place.

This is a great mod…I would recommend it as a must do mod to any owner in fact. Another home run product from OMW! Great value for the money...

J. O. - 5/23/2014

I finally took mine out last weekend. It was a short round trip. Maybe 100 miles or so. The handling was like night and day. Every time I took my Casita out stuff would end up on the floor. I think only 2 times have I ever arrived somewhere where the refrigerator was not open. I even got to the point that I started using packaging tape to keep it closed.

On this last trip I didn't do anything like that and I am happy to report that everything stood where it was supposed to be. It drives MUCH smoother, bounces WAY less, turns much better, and yes I believe I will get better gas mileage. I feel much safer with the shocks. This mod is definitely a "highly recommended" mod that borders on "it must be done". I checked the shocks both when I got to my destination and when I returned home. There were no issues and everything looked fine.

K.B. - 5/1/2014

Thank you so much for getting me the shock kit at the rally. It was so easy to install, took way longer to gather the tools than to do the work. I think I did the second side in about twenty minutes.

I've pulled about 500 miles now and there's no doubt the trailer rides better. I can see it in the mirrors, bumps quiet down almost instantly. I went through a small town with a patch of street that was so dimpled it could've been a suspension test track, the trailer just ate it up.

My truck has a Reese 66151 distribution hitch, Firestone air assists, and a TPMS that measures temp and pressure. What I noticed is that the trailer tires are running about ten degrees cooler with the shocks, from about twenty + ambient to around ten+ (brand new Marathons). That's not a definitive difference but seems to me a good indicator the shocks are taking some stress off the tires. Thanks for your work on this. Casita ought to put them every trailer.

J.B. 4/27/2014

Received my shock kit for our 2005 17 SD Casita with a factory Hi-Lift axle and it was in perfect condition. I had the parts installed by a local mechanic. The time for install, about an hour. Installation went smoothly and all the parts fit perfectly.

I only towed our Casita, after install, from the mechanics shop to my home, a distance of about ten miles. The roads varied from smooth to bumpy. There was a substantial difference in the ride and handling of the Casita - all positive. Thanks for the fine design and final product implementation. It is probably the best modification and improvement I have made in the eight years of ownership of our unit.

M.O. 3/21/2014

These guys at perfectcasita.com are true merchants who set the bar high for others to follow. During all of my dealings with them they have always provided exceptional products and unparalleled customer care. As an example I recently purchased an item for my rig before departing on a trip and as always my order arrived in a timely manner while I was travelling. Regrettably my rig suffered some major damage during that outing and since I/we do not know the prognosis (fix/total out) of the rig, perfectcasita.com offered without any quibbling to credit me for a full refund and went as far as to offer to pay for the return shipping. On other products that I have received from them (e.g. receiver hitch) the quality, form, fit and function has been and continues to be without par. If it is not right, these guys will not sell it. More businesses should emulate their methodologies on doing business. Thanks! One very satisfied customer.

C.M.F. - 10/24/2013

The Orbital Machine Works hitch receiver is a wonderful addition to our Casita! Originally, we thought we'd be adding a bicycle carrier but a poly tough box (Smart Bin purchased at Wallyworld) has proved to be much more useful! We figured out a way to carry the bikes between the trailer and the TV and use the cargo carrier for our tool bin. I have enjoyed having all of our tools, tarps and camping essentials packed. We don't even take it off the carrier while parked. I sits centrally between the tail lights and doesn't obstruct the OEM lights. I added some reflectors and caution tape for added visibility. We also use red ratchet straps as well to hold it down.

Eventually, I will add additional tail lights along the back window as to be able to use the space on either side of the carrier for our small HF generator. The bin only adds about 150# more (bin plus the carrier) to the back of the trailer. Thankfully, we haven't noticed any additional sway. The bin has a place to lock it, although it's plastic, it could be cut off. I don't keep anything hugely valuable in it and the fact that it was lightweight, waterproof and inexpensive, sold me on it.

When we pull into a campsite to fill our 16 gallon fresh water tank, we also fill our two seven gallon Aquatainers and they sit nicely on either side of the bin until we get to our site.

The height of the bin also makes a perfect spot for setting the Aquatainer on. We simply use a shaker siphon and walk away while it fills. SWEET!

Over the weekend, some friends stopped by our site and I used it to set my camp stove on for cooking the sweet corn!

I just wanted to share our set up and say that I'm just 'over the moon' with the multi-purpose use of the hitch. I can see why it's so popular! Happy Campin!

C.S. - 7/15/2013

My husband emailed this company asking about a axle bracket installation. The person who responded went above and beyond. He not only answered each of my husband's question, but he also included photos of each step! My husband promptly ordered the part. The part arrived very quickly. He is very pleased with the bracket and says the workmanship is excellent. Tomorrow is the day he will install it on our pop-up. The the photos and the advice, I am sure he will have no problem. Thanks perfectcasita.com---great job

J.C. - 6/13/2013

This vendor showed exceptional co-operation and effort in making out of stock items available and shipped for delivery to arrive before our departure from our present location in SoCal to take delivery of our new-to-us Casita in TX. We heartily recommend this company to Casita owners and RVers in general.

G.J.M. - 2/13/2013

the kit was great, quality hardware, very good instructions and pics, and the installation went exactly as planned. Well Done.

S.C. - 2/5/2013

Latest News 2/20/2019 - Due to limited supply, we are only able to process sales through a waiting list. Current times from wait list to shipment: Receiver hitch, shock kit, jack relocation plate, spare tire carrier—2 weeks. Low Pro Lockdown (Honda 2200, Honda 3000), hush kit—30 days. Over-the-propane-storage shelf, black water guard—90 days. If you would like to purchase one of our products as soon as it is available, please call us at (469) 312- 1222 or send us an email message at info@perfectcasita.com. We understand that this delay is frustrating and want to apologize. We are working hard to fix our inventory problems and improve our customer service—this new approach to ordering is our first step. Each of us at Orbital Machine Works appreciates the support we have received from the Casita community over the past decade. We ask for your understanding as we navigate the bumpy terrain that comes with being a small business. Sincerely, Dan, Claire, Jim

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