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TST 507 tire monitor starter kit
TST 507 tire monitor starter kit
TST 507 tire monitor starter kit
Item#: TST_507_starter
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Product Description
The proven TST 507 wireless tire pressure/temperature monitoring system. These do not use pass-thru sensors (ie you have to remove them to add air). That means that you can change the sensor battery yourself when the time comes.

Sensors will alarm on your desired value of:
  • Low pressure
  • High pressure
  • High Temperature

The dashboard display rotates around each tire every few seconds displaying both temperature and pressure. If any sensor detects an alarm situation it immediately shows on the display.

The 507 starter kit comes with everything you see in the photo. It arrives ready to monitor TWO tires. (You purchase additional sensors to monitor additional tires.) The system arrives with two installation wrenches, TWO SENSORS, a short antenna, a dashboard mounting bracket, a suction cup bracket, a cigarette charger, a hardwire kit, a detailed users manual, and the on board monitor display.

Add more sensors from the accessories below.

Install/setup video will be added shortly.
But in the meantime - here is a great install video from TechnoRV.

Full manufacturers warranty
Full product support from the manufacturer.

Shipping (lower 48) $14.00
TST-507 extra tire monitors
TST-507 extra tire monitors
Product Description
Order as many extra monitors as you need. These sensors are not pass-thru so need to be removed to add air (just like your dust caps)

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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